By Afsana Rahman ’18

Although in MSA we may all feel like a big family who know each other and what we do, outside of MSA, there is a whole community who have their own opinions of us as Muslims. In recent news, we have become aware of the growing prejudices against Muslims, but we have also become aware of the overwhelming amount of support for us.  In times like these when we question our beliefs and our faith wavers, it is important to know that there are people who encourage us staying true to our religion, and see us for the beautiful and passionate ummah that we are.  In this article, we collected quotes from students in our school to see how they feel about our MSA and the responses were overwhelming.  Even in a small school community, we were able to observe the positive outlook people who have never even been to an MSA meeting see us as.  

“I think it’s a club full of Muslims who talk about like all the holidays and what they mean and like the deeper meanings behind a lot of stuff in the religion.” – Nick Berco

“I think it’s an association that muslims join to celebrate and practice their religion together.” – Michael Kaydin

“To be completely honest, I have zero idea about it but from what I do know it’s an all mostly Muslim club and I know you have a competition with other schools that involves different activities.” – Sunny Levitis

“I don’t really know but I always thought it was just like a Muslim student association which gets together and like discusses cultural things and what not and gets ready for that competition that thing that all the high schools compete in.” – Maddie Pattin

“So I generally think the MSA is a group that congregated to talk about the values of Islam. I generally think that you guys share the truths about Islam that most people don’t know of something like that?” – Sally Chang

“It’s like spectrum. A community dedicated to Muslims. And it’s a place for them to congregate and be surrounded by people who share the same belief. It’s a good place.” – Mason Gendler

“I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure what you do. I assume it works a bit like other culture clubs – maybe sharing information or knowledge between members, organize events on special occasions, that sort of thing?” – Jacopo Siniscalco

“MSA is Muslim student association and it’s a club where the Muslim community gather and discuss topics? I think it’s more of an organization rather than a club. I don’t know what topics, just all types.” – Janice Barke

“A club for muslim students to convene and discuss their culture and religion.” – Greg Mattingly

“You guys are the Muslim Student Association and you bring light to issues in your community.” – Kevin Zheng

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