By: Raiyan Nafee ’16

Allah s.w.t. begins Surah Mukminoon  with “Qad afla hal mukminoon.” Indeed successful are the believers. And who are these people? “Alaza na hum fi salaatihim qaashiyoon.” Those who when they pray, they are humble in their prayers. They have qushoo in their prayers.

This is the first criteria for us to enter in to Jannah. The first quality that a person need to have to enter into Jannah is that they are humble and focused in their prayer. We can go to every Maghrib class, every MAS convention, ICNA convention, every Halaqah, go to MIST, every MSA meeting, and watch all these Bayyinah videos but if our salah is not humble or focused, all of that is not helping us.

We have to remember that Salah is what will take us through this world and into Jannah. But it’s hard. You know the second we start pray, everything we forget throughout the day we remember in Salah. An example of this is the story of the young man with the watch. The guy he loses his watch and he goes to his sheikh and asks him for a dua to help him find his watch. So the Sheikh says “I can’t give you any dua, but just go and pray 2 rakat. So the man he begins prayer. And as soon as he begins his salah Shaitan comes to him and reminds him where his watch his. The young man immediately breaks his prayer and goes to get his watch.

We might not understand why this would happen. But this is a reality. We might not remember that formula, but you go into Shejdah and all of sudden you remember how to do that math problem. We’re stuck and have writer’s block, and then it is prayer time and you just start remembering all these transitional phrases and vocabulary words in your head.

And so when we pray we want to make sure that nothing diverts us from the conversation that we are having with Allah s.w.t. Imagine having a conversation with someone very important to you for an hour. Would you check your phone or see what notifications you have on Facebook? You wouldn’t do that, but when you’re in salah, you find that you find people looking around, or smiling, or staring into the distance.

When you make wudhu, have the mindset that you are about to stand before my creator. Think about purifying yourself. Why should you have this mindset? Because all the sins, the guwna, the mistakes you have committed are washed away and forgiven with each drop. And remember that on the Day of Judgement, every part of your body that you washed for wudhu will glow. And why is that important? Because then prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. will be able to recognize you and take you as part of his ummah. I ask Allah s.w.t. to include us among those people who pray with humility and with wudhu.

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