The Creators’ Curse

By Shakil Rafi ’18

Day and night, the potter’s wheel turns
Details molded to imagination’s wit
Day and night, the potter’s wheel turns
The unfinished clay is brightly lit

He runs his skillful hands along
And with technique does he fleece
A pot, now just a mound of earth
Art, an exhibit’s masterpiece

The rim carefully curved to style
With slow and steady finger’s touch
Brings about a tiny dent on top
A pesky flaw, but shouldn’t amount to much

The bottom side, with time does show
A simple circle — a ring to make
But with a slip, it is destroyed
Two mistakes now, for goodness sake!

The rest now carefully put in place
Another blunder would wreck the piece
And there it was: the handle, pointy
The other mirrored to hide the crease

With work now done, the maker reflects

“Nothing can be worse than this atrocity”

But the client lays it in a glass case

“There is no mistake in its virtuosity!”

Perfection to all viewers’ eyes
But, like a child that he nursed
He knows its parts, each tiny flaw
And thus, behold the creators’ curse