By Saadia Islam’17

There are two attributes which are not so often displayed
For it seems rare
For every person today – seems – to forgo this pair

The worst of the two
Is the lack of sincerity
Being true these days, is certainly – a rarity

The standards this generation created –
Their morality
Is the reason why our highest goal is to achieve ultimate popularity

However, while the circumstances seem utterly dire
The faith in the world going out like air from a tire
There – still – is a spark of hope that lies within – within this humanity –
Something that might relieve us from this sense of disparity

This spark consisting of those who avoided hypocrisy
And reached the legacy
Of the sixteenth presidency
Those whom we should follow –
Follow their credibility

The Al-Birr and the Al-Masakeen
Display manners, morals, and proper deen
“Such the people of truth, and they are [as the lord commands,
The] Al- Muttaqoon”

Understanding the concept of sincerity
Is not something that simple
For what I have just explained is only a dimple –
A dimple in the cavernous tunnel we have yet to dig,
Like finding from coins a dime
It is only a wrinkle –
A wrinkle in time