Co-President: Sabah Islam

My name is Sabah, or in Arabic, morning. Though I liked the meaning of it, I never really felt my name fit me. I even went through a phase where I tried to make people call me by my middle name, Nahin, sophomore year. Now that I’m a senior, I’ve come to love my name. My relationship with Islam is similar in many of the same ways. I did the basic tasks like pray and make dua, but I never felt connected to it. Coming to MSA is what made me fall in love with my faith and it has helped me become a better Muslim. Although I’m still not practicing Islam as religiously as I would like, I have to say that I’ve come a long way. Seeing everyone in MSA of different faith levels come together and form a lovely family has made me appreciate Islam and the ummahs that come out of it. InshaAllah my faith gets strengthened, and I know with MSA in my heart, I will become more devoted to my faith and Allah (swa).

Co-PresidentGazi Ohi

Gazi Ohi, that’s my name. Looking at its individual meanings through different languages, the constructed meaning of my name is the Warrior (Gazi), the one that touches the heart (Ohi). I’m not one to say that names dictate a destiny, but I am a person that loves to touch others hearts and aims to be strong. I enjoy playing sports, watching anime (it gives me the feels) and I love Islam. I enjoy working alongside my family and peers and participating in Islamic or social gatherings. Currently, I am a senior in Stuyvesant High Schol and the Co-President of StuyMSA.

Vice President: Shaikat Islam

Call me Shaikat– because that’s my name. They say I’ve got a 100 words to write this and it’s feeling a lot like a college supplemental so let me tell you about my story.

I came into a Stuyvesant a young boy, weighing about 160lb. I wore skinny jeans and took pictures in front of Grand Central.

Between that period and the present, I joined Stuyvesant MSA, becoming it’s president, and then vice president, in the process.

And now, I weigh 230lb, stand tall at 6’1″, have a glorious beard, and can lift very heavy weights.

MSA’s a life changer.

Events-Coordinator: Mansour Elsharawy

My name is Mansour. StuyMSA has truly played a very large role in modeling me into who I am today. Since freshman year, I’ve always looked forward to each and every single MSA meeting, and it always puts a smile on my face to see a new year of freshmen who are excited to pray during lunch, who would rather spend time with other Muslims over anything else on a lazy Friday afternoon. MSA helped introduce me to MIST, and that allowed me to discover talents I never even knew I had. And of course, our chill days are always such a great time!

Treasurer: Afsana Rahman

My name is Afsana Rahman and I’m a junior at Stuyvesant.  I didn’t really know about MSA until my sophomore year.  I had heard of it in freshman year but I didn’t join many clubs then.  I started attending the meetings and they gradually became what I looked forward to at the end of every week.  They were really interesting and it felt good to see other people who were just as passionate about the topic asking questions and making contributions to the discussions.  Eventually, when I became treasurer it just became a really big part of my daily schedule and my work.  It’s a commitment but I enjoy it and I probably wouldn’t change it. It’s fun and I’ve developed good relationships.  I feel like I’m a part of this big community and I’m actually truly honestly making a difference.

Secretary: Afia Anjum

I’m Afia, a sophomore at Stuyvesant High School and the secretary of MSA. I remember that during SHSAT prep time, I became very religious; I started praying five times a day, praying tahajjud, reading the Qur’an, etc. This all started because I believed that no matter how hard I studied or how much money I paid for tutors and classes, I would never be able to get into Stuy without Allah’s blessings. After receiving my results, I was ecstatic about going to Stuy, not because of the pride that one feels from getting into a specialized high school, but because of MSA. Finally, I could have those experiences that I had only heard about at the mosque. I thought that MSA would be like a big family where everyone grows with each other and I was pleased to find out that this is exactly what MSA is.