By Samreen Anwar

Are you beginning to miss your prayers? Are you feeling really caught up with the world and do you feel like you are losing awareness of Allah (SWT)? A drift like this can often happen and we have some tips for you on rekindling your relationship with God that can bring you closer to Islam.

Islam is about moderation and balance. Being a good Muslim does not mean cutting out everything that brings us joy in life. Enjoy life and enjoy the company of your friends. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did too! Islam keeps bad things away from you, but its goal is not to take your happiness away at the same time.

It is hard sometimes to balance Islam with all the other attractions that life offers. We get so caught up in work or school or even just fitting into this world. There are always societal pressures such as maintaining a high lifestyle, having the best of all products and goods, and studying at the top college in the country. Sticking to your deen becomes difficult and it is hard to focus on our main goal and to stay motivated because of all the distractions around us.  These distractions can also become your new goals instead of your Islamic goal. Our new goals may become education, meeting our expenses, and chasing our dreams in this world. We understand, and we hope that we can help you find a way to revive your faith.


Just pick it up and read it. Those who do not understand Arabic can read its translation or benefit from technology and watch a lecture online. Scholars and Islamic speakers can help really break down its context in a way that will apply to you and encourage you. Think about it — the Qur’an is a book of guidance to create a perfect, healthy lifestyle. God has never left us without guidance. If you feel like you are going astray, look back to the book that God has provided for you in those times.


Making dhikr helps revive a sense of God consciousness. Try to make as much dhikr as possible in your daily activity. This will help you not only be aware of actions you are doing but also remind you of the blessings God has given you in your life.


This is so important in the steps to getting back to your faith. If you feel hollow or confused, just make dua. Make dua to God that He detaches your heart from the temporary attachments of this world and to help you improve yourself. Make dua that he makes you the best of believers and kneel before him and talk to him like your good friend. He listens to everything your heart says.


Being around those who encourage you and will remind you of Islam in every way is highly beneficial. Having those friends who only want what’s best for you will not only benefit yourself but also your religious aspirations. Go to a mosque. There are many people out there with open arms ready to hear what you have to say and ready to help you. Always keep these people close you that will bring positivity to your life and can be a benefit by their Islamic influence.


Write down your goals for each day on a sticky note and make sure to check them all off that day. This can be to accomplish praying all five daily prayers or reading a page of the Quran. Intentions can be a goal too. Remember, intentions make a huge difference. By refining your intentions, you are gaining the pleasure of God.

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawzeeyah (may Allah have mercy upon Him) once said:

Try to really focus on these points as basic steps to rediscovering your faith. We are positive that God will help you along the way.


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