Through this film, we chose to analyze and portray the beauty of fasting. Howard is a man who was once a heavy supporter of President Trump. However, after an unfortunate incident, he receives memory loss and amnesia, forgetting his prior memories and fondness for the president. One day, Howard comes across an initiative called Fast for Syria. This initiative prompts Howard to change his ignorant ways and dislike for Islam and to leave behind his dark past to try and be more understanding. Through the beauty of fasting, Howard sees things in a different light. Rather than a method of understanding or coping, fasting served as a means for Howard to build trust with himself. With the current stature of our country, we are inclined to believe that there is no hope in this imperfect world. However, Howard is a symbol of hope, someone who strives to change himself before he can change the people around him. At the end of our film we show a dynamic with one of Howard’s friends, someone who held a hatred and ignorance towards Islam, now advocating for the Fast for Syria cause. This is the beauty of change. Whatever may have prompted this man’s change, whether it was Howard’s newfound knowledge of Sawm, or a sense of curiosity, we are given hope from his change.