By Razwan Miah

I was a little freshman
Going into a large school having high expectations for myself without even knowing what would lie ahead. The days went by slowly and I began to lose patience with school and I often questioned why I chose to attend this school. I felt like a small fish stuck in a large pond. I began to feel insignificant like a little fly. It felt like no matter how hard I would try, I would not succeed to achieve the expectations I had set for myself. I was going through a calamity because my mind was slowly losing its sanity, falling into the depths of insanity. Then one day I was reflecting and my mind was buzzing with thoughts, I asked myself “Was I really going to just quit and complain when I had worked so hard to get where I am now? In history class one day we were watching a movie about Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was a very patient person. Although, it took him many years to lead India’s Independence to flight. But, despite the fact that his people were being oppressed by the British day and night he stayed true to non-violence and he didn’t retaliate or fight.
One particular quote of Gandhi’s really caught my attention; it was “Patience means self-suffering.” I thought about that quote because although the stress that high school caused felt like a huge crushing boulder. However, I had to persevere and be patient because one day that large boulder would be just a speck of dust. From that moment my mind was like a fire fueled by my desire and I was inspired to have patience and overcome the obstacles I faced After a couple months of overcoming hardships, I began to not only meet my expectations but exceed them. This is because good things come to those who are patient.
This is for the hard working people who continue to give their best and are continually up to the test, who continue to have patience and disregard the negative words of the rest for they do not know the amount of patience it takes to work so hard and to repeatedly fail.
But most importantly remember that one day it will be worth it when you become a champion.